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Perfect, Unique Baby Gifts for New Parents

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Maybe it’s just my friend group, but EVERYONE seems to be pregnant around me these days. And while my usual gift guides focus on everyone on your list who may be hard to shop for, this year I’ve decided to go a more specific approach.While there are a lot of baby registry suggestion guides already out there, I’ve made it a point to find unique gifts for my friends and family that are expecting little ones soon.

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I’ve been doing this research for the past couple of months anyway to buy baby shower gifts and holiday presents so here I am sharing my findings with you! Let me know if I missed any perfect, unique baby gifts for new parents that you love to give or receive.

Categories include: Better Versions of Common Registry Items, Great Inventions, Unique Toys Even Mom & Dad Will Love, Everyday General Items Parents May Forget to Buy Themselves, and The Not So Unique Must-Haves.

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Better Versions of Common Registry Items

Abiie Huggs Baby Carrier Hip Seat – There are so many baby carriers on the market these days it’s so hard to know which one to pick. Usually first time parents just go with the first one they come across on Amazon – because honestly, how do you really know until you have a baby to try one out? Well this one is award winning and is perfect for heavier babies and helps prevent hip dysplasia. While relatively new to the market, all the reviews are 5/5.

A Breathable Mattress – Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress – When I have a baby, I will be splurging for this mattress. It is 100% breathable and 100% washable  – the whole thing. They say it is the safest (hello – they can breath right through it!), cleanest, and most comfortable mattress a baby can have. I’m not sure how this mattress hasn’t put all others out of business, but I’m guessing soon it will once parents start to hear about this.

Swaddle blankets with Velcro – Swaddling babies can be a lifesaver, but many babies can be mini Houdinis and break out of even the tightest swaddle. You never have to worry about that if they’re secured with Velcro!

A Diaper Bag Backpack – Who says diaper bags have to be big, bulky and look like a purse? I love the idea of a backpack that has been fitting with the added elements of a usual diaper bag but you’d never be able to tell from the outside. Plus, weight on both shoulders is so much nicer than on just one – and no balancing act this way.

A Transforming High Chair – A chair that transforms and grows with a child throughout their life is worth the investment, and this high chair isn’t even on the expensive side! It transforms 5 different times to keep up with your child’s needs.

Great Inventions

I’ve found some really unique items that make me wonder how someone didn’t invent sooner. What more do new parents want than something that is going to make their lives easier?

Baby Change-N-Go – This is a hanging, light-weight, portable changing table. No more worries about if the rest room has a clean place to change the baby! I think this is the prefect gift for any new parent, but especially if the father is going to be out with the baby a lot – men’s rooms seem to be lagging in the changing table department.

A Multi-Use Item – a Breastfeeding Cover, Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart and Stroller Cover, and a Scarf – What parent wouldn’t want an item that transforms itself depending on the situation at hand? Plus it’s super cute. Enough said.

A Digital Infrared Thermometer – Dealing with a sick child is never fun. But being able to take their temperature while they are asleep and not waking them can be priceless. This thermometer allows for just that.

Unique Toys Even Mom & Dad Will Love

We’ve all seen those HUGE, plastic toys that take a million batteries and take up half of the living room. Don’t give those toys. Give these instead.


Learning Resources Snap-n-learn Matching Dinos – While these don’t seem to have too many amazon reviews, I have heard from three different parents that their kid loves these toys. They’ve help teach colors and imaginative play. They seem to be new to the market so you’re not likely to have others gifting these fun toys as well.

A Noise Machine They Can Snuggle – A noise machine can be a must-have item, but one that can become a child’s favorite stuffed animal is even better – and a visually cute addition to a nursery.

The New Favorite Teether – Sophie the Giraffe may be a new product, but anyone I’ve asked that has had a child in the past couple of years mentioned that this is the best teether out there – plus their kids love to hang onto Sophie for playtime later.

A Noisy Toy You Won’t Mind – The general rule of thumb is to not buy noisy toys, right? Well this toy is adorable, has volume settings, and is known to keep infants occupied and happy for long periods of time.

Everyday General Items Parents May Forget to Buy Themselves

Building a baby registry can be a daunting task. And while everyone knows you need a place for baby to sleep, clothes for baby to wear and the occasional thing to occupy baby, not everyone remembers to fill their registry with items they’re going to need every day doing the not so glamorous parts of parenting.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – I’ve heard that this stuff is a miracle worker. It has the most active ingredient (40% zinc oxide) and  the least number of total ingredients compared to any other pediatrician-approved solution to diaper rash. While most friends and family will likely be giving clothes and other common items, giving something that solves a problem like this is likely to be very appreciated once the baby comes. I’ve also heard so many good things about Baby Magic Products. They smell great, are gentle on the little ones, and work really well.

Natural, Antibacterial, Super Absorbent Towels – Every parents knows they need towels for their baby, but how many parents know that they can get towels that are naturally antibacterial? Or ones that are extra absorbent while still washing and drying really easily?

A Grow-with-Me Onesie Set – Fancy, fun outfits are always appreciated as gifts, but sometimes parents just need some easy, white onesies to keep baby dressed and warm. So why not gift a set of all the different sizes they will need for the start of their life?

The Not So Unique Must-Haves

Ok, not everything has to be unique. Here are a couple items that every parent seems to love. So if you decide to go for a tried and true gift, at least make it one that will likely be their favorite.

Rock N Play – I’ve asked parents to name their number one recommendation of a must have item for a new baby and 9 times out of 10, this is their answer. So while this may be the one item on this list that isn’t too unique, it seems to be a must have for most parents so I wanted to include it.

An Economical Diaper Pail – Babies poop – a lot. And every parent needs somewhere to put those diapers. Apparently there are a lot of diaper pail options on the market but most require parents to use their own version of trash bags. The Ubbi diaper pail is known for keeping smells in while still utilizing normal trash bags, saving parents a lot of money in the years to come.

Baby Bottle Starter Set – You may have noticed by now that I’m all about giving parents sets of items. I think it helps a lot to have different sizes and lengths of time covered for a parent so they don’t have to run out and fill in the gaps after they receive your gift.

Snot Sucker – I’m sorry, is that not the actual name? Well either way, even if this item sounds gross I’ve heard it works wonders and is a must-have for new parents.

Diapers, Diapers, and More Diapers – Still not sure what the new parents in your life need? Diapers. You can’t go wrong there.

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Find the perfect, unique baby shower gift for new parents. #gift #baby #giftguide #parenting #newborn #musthaves

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  1. The family I nanny for has that diaper pail and it really is a great one! I will probably choose that one when my hubby and I have kids 🙂

  2. Neely Moldovan

    So many of thse were our favorites. Especially the swaddle blankets with velcro!

  3. Sam

    Swaddle blankets!!! The best if you want a good nights sleep.

  4. i would be careful with that giraffe! they did an entire Rossen Report about the amount of mold and bacteria that grows in its head! definitely wouldn’t gift it!

  5. Oh gosh, so many of my friends seem to be having kids too! I really like the grow with me onesie set.


  6. I’m on baby #3 and there are some of these things that I really want to get for her! I love the swaddles with closures though for sure. Super handy and much more secure than just a swaddling blanket.

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