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I spend a lot of time on my computer. That translates to a lot of sitting. Then I purchased a desk that converts to a standing desk. I will never go back.

Why I Use a Standing Desk

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample mat for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Between writing this blog, freelance designing, and keeping up with friends online I spend a lot of time on my computer. That translated to a whole lot of sitting as well – too much sitting for sure. A couple of months ago I purchased a desk that converts from a sitting to a standing desk. I wasn’t sure how I would adjust, but let me tell you, I will never go back.

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Selling items online can be scary, but follow my tips to make good money safely while you sell things on Craigslist.

How to Sell Things on Craigslist and Not Get Murdered

As of today, I have sold almost all of my large furniture (and some small furniture) using Craigslist – and I wasn’t murdered! Ok, ok, I know not everyone is afraid of being murdered while selling things on Craigslist. But I was – at least, I wasn’t too keen on meeting strangers at my home over and over just to make a few bucks. But when I started to realize how much furniture we just couldn’t take with us, I decided to do some research and safely make some decent cash.

(If you missed it, we found a new home! See my update here)

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This past week has been a little nuts - in a good way. Find out just what I've been up to and what exciting adventures I have in store in my life update!

Life Update – Three Homes in Three Weeks

Hey everyone! Last week I only checked in once and I promised I would fill you in this week with what I’ve been up to.

This week has possibly been even more busy than last but a promise is a promise, so I’m writing this post on my phone. The hubby and I are currently driving to Chicago with our final car load of personal belongings and will be spending our first night in our apartment. While we had planned on doing this a week ago, plans quickly changed.

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Moving tips to prepare for a move.

Moving Tips to Prepare for a Move

I would be lying if I said I was calm and collected about my upcoming move. But beneath the stress and chaos, I know the main moving tips I need to prepare for a move. Right now we’re still not sure where we are moving to, but I do know we need to declutter, gather boxes, pack, change our address, put together a moving survival kit, mentally prepare, and not forget to say goodbye.

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Dear Realtors, please don't forget - this is not just a house, it's my home.

Dear Realtors – Please Don’t Forget – This is Not Just a House, This is My Home

Dear Realtors,

Please don’t forget – this is not just a house, this is my home.

I get it – you walk hundreds of clients through likely 1000+ homes each and every year. They all blend together and eventually start looking like the same driveway leading to the same front door. Inside you find a kitchen, living room, and a few bedrooms – again all the same.

And my house isn’t any different. Except to me it is.

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