Unique, Affordable Stocking Stuffers That Won’t Make You Fat

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Are you still eating Halloween candy? No, just me then? Well either way, with the deliciousness of the holidays coming up, we should all focus on fun, unique, and affordable stocking stuffers instead of socks full of candy and cookies.

Think that is too much of a hassle? Well I already helped you with the impossible people on your list, right? Let me show you my favorite affordable stocking stuffer ideas this year, organized by price! $ Dirt Cheap, $$ Cheap, $$$ Affordable, $$$$ Something Extra. 


Spicy Candy – Ok, this may make you fat, but I doubt you could eat too many Jelly Belly Tabasco Beans.

A Game – For less than $5? Sometimes the best games are the simple ones. Like Uno. Who doesn’t love Uno?

25 Clown Noses – Maybe my family are the only strange ones who put gag gifts in our stockings… but imagine what you can do with 25 Foam Clown Noses.

Fun Office Items – Ok, this one may sound lame, but these Sharpie Pens are amazing and I now refuse to write with anything else. You can never have too many. And how fun are these Origami Sticky Notes Pads?

Mini Bottles of Booze – They are just asking to be put in stockings. Or maybe you want to gift the idea of airplane safe mini bottles.

Temporary Tattoos – Like these 72 Dinosaur Temporary Tattoo Tattoos. I can honestly think of just as many adults who would love these as I can kids. Maybe I need new friends?

Accoutrements Bacon Flavored Toothpicks– I have no idea honestly if these will be good or disgusting… but I’d say they’re worth the risk!


A Tea Infuser – my favorite is Mister Tea, lounging in his hot cup.

Pizza Scissors – Yes, Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors. Seriously. Check them out. I did say unique, didn’t I?

Fancy Cooking Spices – Like this Coarse Smoked Sea Salt. Yum!

Silly Art – Like Corkers-Animals. They crack me up every time.

A Funny Wine Bottle Stopper – Like this one. Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper. Need I say more?

A Winter Drink Accessory – Like a new mug, or a milk frother. Nothing like a hot drink in the winter, especially a frothy one.


A Fun Coaster Set – Like the Octopus Absorbent Coasters, Set of 4

Colored Pencils – And if you want to get a little crazy, make them Colored Smencils. Delicious smelling pencils.

Another Game – When you up your price a bit, there are many fun little games. Bananagramsis one of my family’s favorites.


A Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit– When was the last time Santa brought you something like this?

A Pick Punch – Shopping for a musician? I love the idea of making your own picks.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – These little speakers last for 12 hours and are perfect for taking with you. And for fitting in stockings.

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Finding unique, affordable stocking stuffers each year can be a challenge. Especially if you don't want to only use foods and candy. See my suggestions!

Do you have any other ideas for unique, affordable stocking stuffers?

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  1. I got both my kids mega Sharpie sets last year and it’s one of their most used/loved items. So much so I think they need a restock! This reminds me about that scratch off map I ordered weeks ago and haven’t received. It’s scheduled to be delivered 12/22!! Eeeek!

    • I hope you get it in time! And I’m super excited to see how you like it! And sharpies are seriously the best. I didn’t think I would like the pens so much, but they’re basically super thin sharpies, and now I won’t use a normal pen like a chump ha.

  2. Uno is my favorite card game of all time. When I was a kid, I used to love running to my stocking on Christmas morning and finding all the little candy and trinkets inside.

    • I still love doing that haha Though now my family pretty much only exchanges stockings – so we all have something small but fun to open. And uno is so fun!

  3. This is a great list, I like the gifts for my kids. Joe @ http://www.mydaddoes.com

  4. I love that tea infuser! So many awesome picks here–thanks for sharing (I never know what to give as stocking stuffers).


  5. Weird–I dunno if my last comment went through. Anyway thanks so much for posting this–I am always looking for stocking stuffer gifts… and I love that tea infuser 🙂

  6. These are actually awesome! I love all of these ideas, especially the wine stopper and the pizza scissors.

  7. These are great ideas and I love that they’re not food focused. My Mom always puts eye makeup removers, lotions, and chapstick in our stockings and I love it.

    • Those are all great ideas as well! Especially chapstick – I always need more of that this time of the year!

  8. I love the watermelon keg! ‘Santa’ also fills my stocking with gags too! They’re always fun!

  9. Fun bath items. You can get a set of minis and fill multiple stocking. Chapstick and new ear buds are also regulars at my house.

  10. Gag gifts and tiny booze… sounds perfect for my family! 😉

  11. These are such great ideas for stocking stuffers!! I love the idea of giving a game that everyone can play together!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

    • Thanks! We always try to have one “family” gift as well, even if it’s in someone’s stocking. It’s fun to share. 🙂

  12. We also do Bath and Body Works lotion and body wash, Mary Kay lipgloss, socks, and… well… candy. I love the idea of Sharpies and pens though. I’m always up for some awesome office supplies. I will have to suggest that to Santa.

  13. These are all really great ideas. I really liked the octopus coasters. Just lots of great finds. Thanks for rounding them up for us. Pinning!

  14. Thanks for all of the great suggestions for stocking stuffers! I was just thinking that I needed to hit the dollar store to look for some fun and creative ways to add a little more to Christmas. Your post has given me some ideas~

    I found your site through the Alder Collective.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  15. This are awesome ideas! I’m pinning for when I get deep into xmas shopping 🙂

  16. Hil

    You are right, who doesn’t LOVE UNO???? And little bottles of booze BRILLIANT! My sister loves watermelon, gotta check out that tap for her!

    You should come link up at our link up and Pin-It Party tonight that just went live.


    • Sorry I’m just seeing this comment now! I will check out the link though! 🙂 Hope the gift ideas helped!

  17. I want the scented pencils in my stocking! Seriously great list with creative ideas. Thanks for sharing at Welcome HOme Wednesdays!!!

  18. Kayla

    Who wouldn’t love some mini bottles of booze in their stocking!

    Office supplies is one of my favorite things to get in my stocking–bring on the colorful pens!

    Thanks so much for joining us on the the Alder Collective this week! Pinning, and we hope to see you again next week!

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