The Best Instagram accounts - 2 of my favorites in each of the following categories: Nature, Happiness, Humor, Chicago, Travel, Animals, and Miscellaneous.

The Best Instagram Accounts by Category

Updated! I’ve been exploring Instagram for a couple years now and thought it was time to update my favorites list. Some are still the same, but I’ve found a few other amazing ones that I’ve added!

If you want to follow me on Instagram, check out My Urban Family. I haven’t posted too much lately but plan on getting back into it once I stop hibernating this winter in Chicago.

Here is my round-up of the best Instagram accounts – two of my favorites in each of the following categories: Nature, Happiness, Humor, Chicago, Travel, Animals, and Miscellaneous, plus my all time favorite!


A photo posted by Chelsey Dever (@thee1ginger) on

Chelsey Dever – Her images and angles are always breath taking.

A photo posted by Mike Kus (@mikekus) on

Mike Kus – His images always seem to be a bit muted, but still beautiful.


Happsters – I wish I could have these images be the first ones I see when I open up Instagram.

You Are Luminous – All about love and quotes that will make you smile.


A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

Baddie Winkle – If you are not familiar with this granny, you need to be. Click through her account for a minute and you’ll quickly see why.

A photo posted by Miserable Men (@miserable_men) on

Miserable Men – This account is a collection of images taken of miserable men as they wait for their (likely) female counterpart while shopping.


Art of Chi – This account is run by a group of very talented Chicago photographers – and they select other photographers to be featured regularly. I am excited to say I was recently featured and then offered a spot as a member (which means now I need to live up to the other talent – keep an eye on my account if you’re interested)!

Vintage Tribune – I’m a sucker for old photos – and when you combine that with my favorite place in the world it makes me happy.


A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

Murad Osmann – Each of his images reminds me of a fairy tale.

A photo posted by @travelchannel on

The Travel Channel – The images give me a serious sense of wanderlust.


A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

Trotter Pup – How can you not smile at this image?

A photo posted by Biddy (@biddythehedgehog) on

Biddy the Hedgehog – He is tiny. He is adorable.


Humans of NY – I know it seems like I keep mentioning this site, but if you’re not already following along on Facebook (or even if you are), following the IG account is just as wonderful.

A photo posted by THE PFW (@pornforwomen) on

P_rn for Women – More like images that will make women swoon.

My All Time Favorite

A post shared by Catana (@catanacomics) on

Catana Comics – Without fail, these make me smile every time. And they usually remind me so much of my husband and myself.

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The Best Instagram accounts - 2 of my favorites in each of the following categories: Nature, Happiness, Humor, Chicago, Travel, Animals, and Miscellaneous.What do you think of the accounts? Do you have a favorite I missed?

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  1. Those all look great. I need to check out the granny one. Looks like fun!

  2. I really enjoy Instagram too. I tend to go in waves in terms of how much I’m on there (there are too many social media options!) but I always enjoy the positive quotes as well!

    • Me too! Social media could literally take up all day every day if I let it. But Instagram is my favorite 🙂 I don’t think it brings in nearly as many views to my blog, but being a photographer it still holds a special place in my heart lol

  3. oh god, like I need more accounts to stalk. Must check out granny though!

  4. Excuse me while I go follow all the adorable animals on Instagram, specifically the hedgehog 🙂

  5. I’ve been looking for more cool and interesting Instagram accounts to follow and I LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. Haven’t tried yet thinking maybe I should.

  7. Oh definitely going to start following some of these! Thanks!

    Clothes & Quotes

  8. These look like some great accounts. I don’t use instagram as much as I should. I need to get better at my photos.

    • I take so many photos but I’m so picky about which ones to upload… I need to start sharing more I think.

  9. cool. thanks for sharing!

  10. Miserable men.
    And he is wearing Crocs.

  11. Amy

    I love Instagram! It’s my favorite social media mostly because I am a very visual person and thus connect most easily to photographs, but also because I find it the nicest community. People aren’t mean there like they are in other social media places…at least, I haven’t experienced it yet!

  12. So much goodness in this list. I love the Vintage Tribune feed–so many gems in there.

  13. LOL to the P_RN for Women account. I love finding new-to-me Insta accounts to follow – Thanks for sharing!

  14. These are great! I spend way to much time on Instagram.

  15. What a fun post… and laughing so hard at that miserable men account! Hilarious!
    xx, Karen
    Link Text

  16. Excellent! I’m definitely going to follow some of them….maybe all of them! Especially porn for women. How great is that?
    I found you on FB GYB page. Let me know if you’d like to collaborate, be a guest writer with links back to your blog (or vice versa), or get together to do a giveaway with some other bloggers, just support each other in some way. My site is
    All the best,


  17. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m not following many people on Instagram yet because I’m new, too!

  18. Thank you so much for this! I intend getting into Instagram very soon; I’ve been pretty slack with it so far. I especially love the granny one and the men waiting. Funny! But I love the old buildings too.

  19. So many good ones! But omg, the hedgehog?! I need one!!

  20. I love Instagram! I’m going to have to look up some of these accounts

  21. This is a great round up, thanks for posting it! 🙂

    Amanda – @fashiontofollow

  22. Wow great accounts – I think the only one I already follow is HONY!

  23. I will definitely check these out!

  24. Thank you for such great suggestions! I’m also in love with National Geographics Instagram account. It never fails to leave me in awe.

  25. Definitely followed the humor and animal ones! Love it!

  26. DT

    Thanks for these new accounts to follow 🙂
    — DT | Here I Scribble

  27. Kayla

    Hahahahah! That Miserable Men account looks hilarious! Totally following that one! Thanks for joining the Alder Collective this week–hope to see you again next week!

  28. Totally need to check out a few of these Instagrams. Thanks for the info!

  29. Thanks for entering this interesting pin in #ThePinterestGame! Good luck!

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