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Halloween in Chicagoland is full of events for kids and kids at heart. Don't miss these favorites!

Halloween Events in Chicagoland

Updated for 2017 Dates!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It may have something to do with my birthday being the following day – or maybe it has to do with all of the candy, fun costumes, and no pressure for gifts. The pure childhood delight that comes with Halloween always makes me smile. And Halloween in Chicagoland means no shortage of halloween events all month long for kids and adults.

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Top Chicago Festivals for 2017 - My favorites, dates, cost, and what they're all about!

Top Chicago Festivals for 2017

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One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the seemingly endless amount of festivals during the spring, summer and fall. Luckily winter is ending and that means festival season is just about upon us! I went ahead and gathered information on my favorite festivals (many of them FREE) and they’re in chronological order below so you can start to fill up your calendar along with me!

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Chicago has so many great events, but winter is creeping up on us. Make sure you don't miss these events before winter hits! Make the most of the season!

Top Events in Chicago Before Winter is Here

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That dreaded word in Chicago – winter. Luckily we still have time and some great events coming up before the deep freeze. But we all know the end of summer and fall flies by in Chicago, so make sure you don’t miss out on these fun events coming up!

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Each summer there are over 100 free movies in the parks of Chicago. Find a movie in the schedule, pack some food, and read my tips to enjoy the night.

Chicago Free Summer Movies – Schedule & Tips

Each summer there are over 100 free movies played in the parks throughout the city of Chicago. The movies are free to attend – with the schedule below. I’ve recently attended the first free movie of the summer and noticed a few tips and tricks to be able get the most out of each viewing. Pick one of the many summer movies, pack some food, and check out my tips before you head out.

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Summertime in Chicago is full of events each and every day. I've listed my top 10 that I am most looking forward to with more information for each.

Summertime in Chicago Bucket List

There is literally something to do every day in the summertime in Chicago. And I don’t mean literally in the way most people use it. I mean every day, without fail, there is something going on. So instead of listing the endless events, I wanted to share with you my top 10 things I am looking forward to most this summer in Chicago.

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