Restaurant Review: Slurping Turtle

UNz6hrkYFirst off, what is not to love about that name and logo? As I mentioned in Friday’s post, today I’m writing an unsolicited restaurant review of the casual Japanese comfort food spot, Slurping Turtle located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. (And don’t worry, if you’re not interested in reading about a Chicago restaurant, tomorrow I will be participating in a new link-up with Say Yes to Happy so check back for that).

This week the weather in Chicago is supposed to climb back up to summer temperatures, but last week it was starting to feel like fall so we went on a hunt for a good bowl of ramen in the city. This lead us to Slurping Turtle – but this is far from your typical freeze-dried, 59c packet of noodles.

As you walk up to the restaurant you can see the front and sign clearly, but the front door leads you down a long hallway and you enter the restaurant through the back, near the kitchen. The decor is clean, sleek, and modern with additions of large, antique asian photographs. Even with the smaller space, each table looked spacious, and the booths upstairs seemed semi-private.

While we were there for ramen, we also wanted to try other things on the menu.

Here is what we ordered:

Fried Brussel Sprouts -$6

Fried Brussel Sprouts | My Urban Family

This tasted way better than it sounded. They were mixed in with onions, both cooked and crispy.

Takoyaki -$9

Takoyaki | My Urban Family

If you don’t know what Takoyaki is (and I didn’t until I tried it) it looks like a deep fried doughnut hole, but it’s filled with octopus, pickled ginger, and green onion. While the taste was really good, I couldn’t get past the idea of eating octopus once I saw a tentacle. I’m a bit picky when it comes to being able to tell what animal I’m eating though so if you love seafood, you should definitely try these out!

Spicy Tuna Roll -$9

Just a normal sushi roll, though this one seemed to be a bit on the small side, especially for the $9 price we paid. Sorry, forgot to take a photo!

Tonkotsu- $14

Tonkotsu | My Urban Family

Tonkotsu is homemade ramen noodles, silky pork broth, pork chashu, bok choy, molten egg, naruto, and chili oil. It was delicious! One of the best bowls of ramen I’ve ever had!

Tan Tan Men Ramen (spicy)- $14

1440979970374 copy

Tan Tan Men is homemade ramen noodles, pork meatball, pork chashu, pork miso, bok choy, and bean sprouts. The hubby ordered this one and while it was similar to mine, he had a bit different meat and a bit of a spicy kick. It was also very good.

Overall Experience

slurping-turtle-tall-myurbanfamilyThe menu at Slurping Turtle is seasonal and since we enjoyed our meals so much we are really looking forward to going back in the future to see what new items they have! The chef Takashi Yagihashi has won many awards, including a Michelin star, so I can’t imagine we will be anything be full and happy the next time we visit as well.

You can view their website and menu here.

Do you enjoy ramen during the cooler months of the year? Have you tried Slurping Turtle? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. All of those dishes look amazing! We love going out for Vietnamese Pho, but I have never had ramen other than the cheap stuff from the store.

    • If you like the cheap stuff, you should try it out at a restaurant sometime! I’ve learned some fun ways to really dress up those cheap packets at home and make them a healthier, yummier meal that way!

    • Poor ramen noodles get such a bad rap, but there are ways to make those cheap noodles part of a healthy and tasty dinner =] one of my favorites is ramen noodle cole slaw.

    • Ooo, I’ve never heard of ramen noodle cole slaw. Sounds interesting!

  2. I love the Slurping Turtle! Such a great spot! 🙂

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  3. Aww yay thanks for the shout out Alexandra! Mattie and I were like we hope people link up! 🙂

    I LOVE ramen. Haven’t heard of the slurping turtle but looks great!

  4. Yum…you had me at friend brussels sprouts. I think restaurant reviews are so awesome. What a great idea!

  5. Great pictures, the food looks fantastic! I’m not sure how I’d feel about octopus being in my food, either- can’t blame you for that!

    • Thanks Shannyn! I was happy I tried it but that is probably the one dish I wouldn’t order again ha

  6. Sounds like a great place! I could do without the octopus balls, but otherwise, it’s a go!

  7. Fried Brussel sprouts! I think I’ll have to try that!

  8. Fried brussel sprouts? Yum! All of these dishes look delicious! I’m definitely going here next time we go downtown! Thanks for sharing!

    Doused In Pink

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