A life lately update of why the blog has been a bit quiet - travel, work, and PCOS updates plus a big thanks - see why.

Life Lately – Travel, Work, & PCOS Updates April 2017

Hello again! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a “life lately” post – and honestly, any post other than a Friday Favorites. I appreciate you sticking with me. I admittedly started this post two weeks ago and finally got around to wrapping it up. I miss the blog world – and you – and I’m excited to be back, to share what I’ve been up to, and to reconnect with all my wonderful readers!


I really lucked out this year so far on the amount I’ve been able to travel. I know I hinted at a few locations, especially on my Instagram (are you following there? If not, I plan on catching up with a ton of travel photos so you should be!) but, drum roll please… here is where I’ve been:

Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Japan! – with two more trips on the calendar so far for the rest of the year.

Cleveland: This trip was just a quick drive to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and some of the surrounding area. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was really interesting to visit and reminded me that I really should explore some of the old classics a bit more.

After the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we wandered around downtown Cleveland and had dinner. As we were making our way along the lake, my husband and I were discussing how the city seemed like a smaller version of Chicago. And then of course we come across a plaque that shows the main architect of Cleveland was Burnham – also a major architect for Chicago.

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Pittsburgh: For our Pittsburgh trip, it was half for my husband’s business trip, half for fun (though his coworkers are amazing, so really the whole trip was a blast). We stayed at a resort a ways outside of the city, but spent a few days exploring downtown as well. We also came across the Pittsburgh Beer Fest which was a fun afternoon filled with many tiny glasses of beer.

Wisconsin: This was just a short trip to visit the House on the Rock. This place really should be experienced at least once, but to give you an idea of what it is – it started with one man deciding to build an artist escape in Wisconsin – and then he started collecting things – just about anything and everything. Those items ended up being put together into galleries and it is now a tourist attraction. It may not sound like much but it took us almost 5 hours to walk through and we did not look at everything.

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Japan: I’ve mentioned in the past that my brother lives in Japan. Well I FINALLY was able to fly out and visit him. It was a blast being a tourist in a part of the world I’ve never been but my favorite part was just hanging out with him and exploring. My second favorite part? Probably hanging out with monkeys. That’s right, monkeys. My least favorite part? The 18 hour plane rides. I could write a ton about this trip, so if you’re interested, let me know if the comments and I’ll put together a post all for Japan.


With all of that traveling it has been extra wonderful to be a freelancer and I’ve appreciated my job so much more. Because I am my own boss I’ve been able to juggle my schedule around to accommodate life. With that being said, I still need to pay my bills so I’ve been working long hours when I have been home and making sure I can work while gone.

But now that I am getting back to a more normal schedule I do have some time to take on a few extra projects. If you or anyone you know needs a graphic designer, I’d love to hear from you – or if you just want to chat about design! My portfolio can be seen at A Stark Design if you’re interested.

I have some lofty work goals this year but I’m determined to hit them. 2017 has started off on a great foot and I’m going to carry that momentum through the rest of the year!


I know I haven’t had many PCOS updates lately and I’ve really been meaning to. My last update wasn’t the most uplifting but there has been some progress since then. Aside from work and travel I’ve had a few doctors appointments and some lifestyle changes – including a new medication – that seems to be getting my body back on the right track. Not pregnant again yet but I’m trying to stay positive! I don’t want to add too many medical updates to this already long post but if you’re interested in a PCOS update let me know!


And one last shout-out to you. Thanks again for reading and connecting! I always look forward to your comments and emails and know that when I take a blogging break I’m missing you guys!

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A life lately update of why the blog has been a bit quiet - travel, work, and PCOS updates plus a big thanks - see why.Follow Me on:








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  1. Wow Japan! Very cool. I’d love to hear more about it. We have a summer planned that starts in Dubai and goes on to Greece among other places. I cannot wait!

    • That sounds like an amazing summer! And seems the consensus is I’ll be posting about Japan 🙂

  2. I love to travel, so I personally would love a post about Japan. My dad worked for a Japanese company before he retired and traveled there and loved it.

    • Looks like a post about Japan is in high demand (which is good, because I wanted to write one but wasn’t sure if anyone wanted to read it – though I guess that hasn’t really stopped me in the past ha)

  3. I’m super impressed with all that travel! I’ve been to the House on the Rock once, it is quite a place! I also feel you on PCOS, I have it as well, it’s a beast isn’t it?

    • PCOS is definitely not my favorite – hope you have yours under control – I’m still trying to figure this out ha. And “quite a place” is a good way to describe House on the Rock lol

  4. Japan! Whoa! That’s a pretty epic trip! I’m not the biggest fan of long-distance flights, either, but I’m always grateful to land on the other side of the ocean safely!

    • Me too! I’ve gotten better over time – probably mostly because of how much joy I get out of traveling. But it’s always been worth it.

  5. Wow, look at you go, girl. Sounds wonderful all the travelling you’ve been doing.
    Please, if you could, I’d love to read a post on Japan and PCOS.

    Hope you’re well and taking care of yourself lady. 😉

    • Thanks Lindsay! It’s been a much needed change of pace – and with a great dr’s appointment yesterday I finally have some good PCOS news as well. I’ll get both of those posts in the works asap! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. Really wishing I could travel more. We were thinking of planning a weekend getaway. Not sure where to even go for only a weekend trip. following you on Instagram.

    • My first stop is to usually open google maps and then just do a search for places within a few hours for a weekend trip. Sometimes exploring closer to home lets you find less touristy, but still great places!

  7. Pittsburgh is such a fun city! And Wisconsin will always hold a special place in my heart. I haven’t been to Japan yet but hope to some day!

    • I really liked Pittsburgh – hoping to go back with some more time to explore some day. And Japan is worth the trip if you get the time/money. It’s just so far!

  8. Emily

    It sounds like you had so much fun in your trips. Which trip was your favorite?

    • The Japan one for sure! It was such a different experience than anything I’ve done before. Looking forward to going back and exploring a new part of the country sometime as well.

  9. I’d love to hear more about your travels to Japan! Glad you are doing well and welcome back!

    • Thanks! I missed blogging and having time to read blogs as well! Still fairly busy but I’m determined to fit it all in now that I’m a bit less busy.

  10. Look forward to connecting in the peaceful posse group and will be following along as I love any kind of travel adventure stories! I’ve never been to Japan but always on the bucket list and I’m totally jealous you got to play with monkeys! So cute… that’s incredible your brother is living there now!

    As someone also trying hard to conceive I am sending many good wishes and thoughts your way <3 <3 <3

    • Aww, thanks Charlotte – sending them back your way as well! And I’ll make sure to include some monkey photos when I share my Japan trip – it was so fun!

  11. You’ve been all over! My best friend just got back from Japan last week. So fun. She loved it. 🙂 Welcome back to the blogging world!

  12. Wow looks like your 2017 is kicking butt so far! Would love to hear more about Japan!

    • I will for sure put a post together! Now I just have to narrow down my photos… since I took over 1000 ha

  13. So jealous that you traveled to Japan! How long was the plane ride?! I have a trip to Cleveland coming up soon and your post just made me super excited 🙂

    Carly | http://thecarlycollective.com/

    • 18 hours on the plane, with a couple extra layover hours in between. Sooo long! But worth it. And my trip to Cleveland was short but I really liked what we saw. The downtown area near the water is really nice! Hope you have a good trip 🙂

  14. You should definitely do a post on your Japan trip. I am sure tons of people would love to hear about it. Glad your PCOS is under control! Thanks for linking up to #fridayfrivolity! Xx

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