Sometimes you have people on your list who are EXTRA impossible to shop for. Here is the sequel to last year's popular post. Use these gift ideas to knock them all out in one stop!

Gift Ideas for The Extra Impossible People on Your List

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Gift shopping can be so much fun – but it can also be such a headache if the people on your list seem impossible to shop for. I work hard for my money and if I’m going to be spending it on someone, I want to make sure the gift is going to be loved and put to use!

Last year I put together the post Gift Ideas for the Impossible People on Your List which included the categories of: the grown up kid, stressed out parent, blogger, bookworm, sophisticated drinker, foodie, sports fan, traveler, little ones, and littlest ones. The list was super popular, with over 55,000 visitors using it to help them gift shop.

That list is still a great resource, but this year my list has new individuals and along with that come new categories. Below you’ll find gift ideas for: the techie, young at heart,recent empty nester, home-body, the runner, the jokester, the one with no space, the one who is always cold, animal lover, and the new adult as well as my favorite find of the year. 




A Loot Crate Subscription – I’ve gotten these as a gift in the past and they’re so fun! If you’re unfamiliar, it is a monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans filled with incredible and exclusive items and apparel from your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and more! Over $45 value in every crate!

All-New Echo Dot – I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Echo and now that the Echo Dot is here, you can experience the same fun technology for a fraction of the price. If you’re unfamiliar, the Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more.

A Virtual Reality Headset – I have the Samsung Gear VR and it’s crazy amazing. I wasn’t sure what to think before trying it, but the experience is so fun and really well done. Between the games, photography, and videos I could use the headset all day long.

Cozmo the Robot – Cozmo won one of 2016’s best new tech accomplishments. This personal robot is like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out.

 Young at Heart


Adult Coloring Books – There is nothing more relaxing than taking a few minutes to color, at least in my opinion. But I know I’m not alone because adult coloring books have taken the world by storm lately. I will admit I have a healthy collection of them by now, and these are my favorites: Fantastic CitiesMemos to Shitty PeopleThe Dr. Seuss Coloring BookDoodle Invasion

A Mini At Home S’mores Maker Set – Who doesn’t love S’mores? And who wouldn’t love a s’mores break at home during the winter? This set paired with some graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows makes for the perfect gift.

Mustache Outlet Decals – I’ve said in the past that it’s the little details around my house that make me happy. These make me smile and they are a tiny detail but pack so much personality.

Recent Empty Nester


A Smart Phone Printer – Just because the kids are not at home every day doesn’t mean new memories can’t be shared. Share text message photos between the family and print and keep your favorites. A photo doesn’t replace the person, but it’s a fun reminder between visits.

A Photo Frame You Can Update from Anywhere –  This is a repeat of my top pick from above, but I think it especially fits here so I wanted to mention it again. Think about having mom and dad set this up in their living room and then update them with your photos every so often. Remember to use Coupon Code myurbanfamily for $5 off your order!

Effortless Entertaining CookbookRemind this recent empty nester to live it up a little now that they have the house to themselves again. This entertaining cookbook offers easy, but fun and impressive dinner party ideas.

Corkcicle Air Wine ChillerAnd with all those dinner parties they will be having, make sure they have the one tool they need to aerate, chill, cork and pour.



4 Piece Silk Suit Mens Pajama – Do you know a fancy pants homebody? These suit pajamas are inspired by How I Met Your Mother and they are legen… wait for it, dary! 

Bath Accessories – For someone who loves to chill at home, what is better than a warm bath this time of the year? And what goes better with a bath than Bath Bombs or a Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray? Maybe some music, a glass of wine too? Sounds like a great Friday night to me.

Amazon Prime – Did you know you can gift a year of Prime? Obviously home bodies don’t stay home 100% of the time, but not having to run out for small things all the time can be such a great gift. And aside from shipping, you get so many more great perks like free books, video and more. I don’t know what I would do without my Prime membership.

The Runner


Hair Tie Bracelet – Female runners always have a hair tie with them, right? And it’s usually around their wrist just waiting to pull their hair back. This bracelet adds a bit of fashion to the trend.

Under Armour Clothing – There is a reason Under Armour is a bit pricier. A few good Under Armour pieces can go a long way and make a great gift for any runner, or really anyone athletic.

A Waist Pack – This pack holds all running and travel essentials which is perfect for any runner. It also works for anyone who travels and wants to be able to keep their important items with them without a large bag.

A Running Centered Book – There are many books out there geared towards runners. A couple that I’ve heard really great things about are Runner’s World Meals on the Run and Power Snacks.

The Jokester


A Horse Mask – I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it cracks me up everytime I see it. It’s a cheap laugh, but it works 100% of the time. Seriously.

Exploding Kittens – The description of this game is: a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and boob wizards and sometimes butts. This link goes to the not safe for work edition, which let’s be honest, is the better one. If you’re looking for the same fun idea, but with more PG content, check out this version here.

Naughty Salt and Pepper Shakers – These crack me up. They’re innocent enough to avoid questions from kids, but these rabbits know where the fun is at. Let these salt and pepper shakers spice up your dinner and literally bring life to your kitchen table.

Doody Head Game – This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I bought this for my dad and brother a few years back and we got a lot of laughs out of playing. And some great photos as well.

The One with No Space


A Corner Shelf  or an Invisible Book Shelf – When you’re tight on space, finding ways to organize and store items is always a challenge. These shelves are the perfect way to add more space and still be visually appealing.

Ventless Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace – When living in small quarters you don’t always have the same luxuries, like a full fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you should have to completely give up on having a fireplace completely. This Table Top Fireplace is clean burning and perfect for a small home.

Quick Change Photo Frame – My current home has barely any wall space, which is sad when I have about a million photos and other pieces of art that I’d love to showcase. But these quick change photo frames mean I can hang a few up on the wall and easily switch out the contents, over and over and over again.

The One Who is Always Cold


This one is me. And because I live in Chicago, I’m cold a good chunk of the year. I wrote a whole post about 20 Winter Fashion Must Haves from a Chicagoan and another one with 14 Tips to Help You Survive Winter from a Chicagoan. These posts are full of more fashionable and practical gift ideas beyond the fun ones below.

Warm Hoodie Kangaroo Sweater – If they’re a new parent, this kangaroo sweater is the best idea ever and it’s so adorable. It has two removable inserts: one maternity and one when you want to carry your baby but still keep both of you warm.

Narwhal Heated Footwarmer Slippers – These slippers may be the cutest thing on this list. They’re adorable, and they keep your feet extra warm. If someone loves to hang out at home, they would love being cozy in these slippers.

Earflap Hat Hood Scarf – This wool hood is so cute and I can imagine warm! Nothing else even needs to be said. 

Woodwick Candles – These candles not only smell amazing, but they crackle like a fireplace. Just having a few candles around makes a room more cozy and warm feeling.

Animal Lover


Pug Earrings – Is it just me, or are pugs the cutest ugly dogs ever? I mean that in the most loving way, I promise. And these earrings are such a fun, small statement piece to show your love.

A Retro Cat Shirt – If you know a cat lover, then this shirt is for them.

Adorable Dog Toy – When you have pets with toys, you want ones that you won’t mind seeing around the house. These toys are adorable and for under $4 with Amazon Prime (use my link for 30 days free) you really can’t go wrong.

Animal Throw Pillows – This otter one is my favorite, but there are so many available on amazon and they’re all really affordable. Some of them are only the covers, but you can also get a pillow filler here.

The New Adult


Fun Note Pads – Like this “Get Your Shit Together Note Pad”. When you’re on your own for the first time it’s easy to forget all those adult things you’re supposed to do – and there is no one there to remind you. Keeping a to-do list saved me those first few years and still something I utilize. 

Show Me How Book – I was given this book when I graduated high school and it was honestly really helpful – so helpful in fact that I still have it on my coffee table and reference back to it every so often. The book is described as  a series of 500 nearly wordless, highly informative step-by-step procedurals. Readers learn how to do hundreds of useful tasks.

A Subscription to a Dollar Shave Club – New adults on their own for the first time tend to forget the everyday essentials when it’s the first time they’re really responsible for them. I use the Dollar Shave Club and the razors are wonderful, but even more wonderful is remembering to change them and then getting new ones like clockwork. Plus, they’re super affordable. It’s a practical gift, but I promise it’s one that will also be appreciated.

A Futon – These seem to be a right of passage for those on their own for the first time – and honestly they’ve come a long way recently. There are some really stylish options available that are comfortable, and functional.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for unique and affordable stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family? Check out my post HERE.

Shopping for New Parents?

Check out Perfect, Unique Baby Gifts for New Parents

Short on Cash?

Make sure to also check out Non Cheesy Free or Almost Free Gift Ideas!

Don’t Forget

If you’re still stuck, don’t forget to check out last year’s post Gift Ideas for the Impossible People on Your List

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Sometimes you have people on your list who are EXTRA impossible to shop for. Here is the sequel to last year's popular post. Use these gift ideas to knock them all out in one stop!

Do you have someone difficult on your list to shop for?

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  1. Wow these are some awesome ideas! I love how you broke them down in to categories!
    Those salt and pepper shakers are hilarious!

  2. THIS LIST IS ON POINT! I never ever thought of any of these so THANK YOU for putting these gifts in my brain! I cannot believe the holidays are rolling around LIKE TOMORROW!! Ha! Soon enough it will be 2017 😮 – Oh man, I don’t even want to say that because I LOVE the holidays so so so much!

    • Thanks! It took forever to put together but I’m proud of it! And I know! I’m not sure how it’s already the holidays but I’m going to try to enjoy while it lasts!

  3. These are awesome gifts! I’d gladly take any of them! 😉

  4. These are great ideas! Who wouldn’t love an adult coloring book?

  5. Oh, my goodness… SO many great gift ideas! I love the kangaroo sweater (seriously, how cute is that?!) and the otter pillow. And also the naughty salt and pepper shakers, because I would have sheer joy every time I seasoned my food 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

    • I know! Whoever came up with that sweater is so smart. Those salt and pepper shakers crack me up 🙂

  6. Terrific suggestions! I love the idea of gifting someone Amazon Prime because I would LOVE to receive that myself!!! Amazon is primed to take over the world. =)

  7. these are awesome! Not only do i have some great ideas now for my hard-to-buy-for family members (COSMO!) but I have some ideas of what to ask for as well

    I’m so excited for christmas!
    Laura @

    • Haha it does sound like a cosmo headline! I’m so excited that it’s the holiday season as well 🙂

  8. Another great list! I am absolutely getting the Skylight Photo Frame for my in-laws. I have been trying to figure out what to get them for a while now and this will be perfect. Thank you so much for the idea! And the discount!

    • I’m so glad you like the photo frame! It’s by far my favorite on the list. Hope they like it as well – I’d love to hear after you give it to them!

  9. Great ideas! Set me up with that bath tray and I’d be a happy camper 😉 Plus any of the running stuff. I see some good ideas for my husband on here too!

  10. Great suggestions! My husband and father are always the hardest to shop for (since they wouldn’t appreciate a new outfit as much). I see some great ideas for them.

  11. So the second I saw those narwhal slippers I wanted them…and then when I saw they are heated?! Omg. I’m perpetually cold too, so those would be amazing!

    • I know, I love those! I was just gifted new slippers for my birthday and I joked with my husband “where do these plug in so they heat up?”. Apparently normal people produce heat on their own. Not me haha

  12. Now I usually end up disappointed by gift lists – but I’m always a sucker to read them…I was surprised by yours. What fun, unique and hilarious ideas! Thanks for the boost – I’m in love with the photo frame to update from anywhere.

    • Aww thanks! I put a lot of thought into this each year and try to come out with just one, really good gift guide post 🙂

  13. I cannot believe that it’s already this time of the year!
    What a great post! So many wonderful ideas! I know how hard finding the right gift for everyone can be! So, this is perfect! Thank you!!

  14. Never heard of a smart phone printer but will certainly be checking it out. Great ideas! Thanks

  15. I love how you break down the lists into different categories! You def found something for everyone 🙂

  16. I love the smart phone printer and the frame you can update from anywhere!

  17. Wow! This is a great and extensive list! I love it! There is an idea for everyone. Great job! I will be keeping this close when I start planning Christmas gifts. 🙂

  18. This seriously covers just about anyone you will need to buy a gift for! Love all of these unique ideas!

    Doused In Pink

  19. My Dad is the really hard person to buy for in my family–nearly impossible! But this year we stumbled into the perfect gift for him months ago. He worked for 20 years as an engineer for a car parts manufacturing company, he loves cars and anything related to engineering/design. His favorite car is a Mini-Cooper. Now…he’ll probably never, ever have an actual Mini-Cooper, but we found a lego building set for a Mini–not the kind of legos for kids, but for collectors, and I know he’s going to just love it.
    If I’m being honest, I’m probably the other most difficult person to buy for in my own family! 😛

    • Don’t you love it when you find the perfect gift ahead of time, when you weren’t even looking?! That is the only thing better than finding a list like this 😉 haha but seriously, I’m glad you were able to find that – plus it sounds really fun!

  20. So many creative ideas! My MIL loves the adult coloring books. A friend of hers bought her a new one recently that is all swear words. It’s hilarious. She loves it haha The Woodwick candles are my favorite brand of candle (aside from Yankee Candle lol). I love that they crackle and I actually think I have the exact one pictured here lol it smells amazing!

    xo, Keating | Why Hello Lovely

    • I’ve seen the swear word one too and it’s hilarious! I have that exact candle as well and love it! It’s halfway burnt through though so I’m gonna need another soon ha

  21. What a great list! My husband and dad are always impossible to buy for. I know I’ll find something great for them here! Thanks for this great resources!!!

  22. Oh man! You could give me anything from the “always cold”, “kid at heart”, or “animal lovers” and I would be a happy camper! That hooded fox scarf/hat/thing is adorable!

  23. WOW! Such a great list! I am going to share this. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  24. Another great list of ideas! We gave the in-laws a frame like that when the kids were little. I won’t tell you what they did with it.
    I NEED those narwhal slippers!

    • Thanks Marcia! And I laughed out loud about the photo frame. My mom had the same idea when I mentioned it to her. As long as it’s enjoyed haha

  25. This was such a great roundup! It can be so hard to find the perfect gift for the people in your life and a lot of gift guides have the same suggestions. I love how unique this was.

    La Belle Sirene 

  26. I love the tech ideas! These are great for my husband!

  27. oh my I am still bloshing about the naughty salt and pepper shakers! ha ha! And of course my mind is counting how many I’d need for family and friends. ha ha!

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

  28. So many cool ideas here! I love the corkcicle, and those Narwhal slippers are just too cute! 😀 #FridayFrivolity

  29. These are all really great gift ideas, and I can think of at least one person in my life that fits each category. I am definitely saving this post!

  30. So many of these are amazing! I love the adult coloring books and, not going to lie, the rabbit salt and pepper shakers.

  31. Love the photo frame idea!! That would be so great for my parents who live across the country! And who can go wrong with a coloring book?!

  32. Just love this post! And your title, ‘for the EXTRA impossible people,’ is too true and too funny. There’s impossible and then there’s IMPOSSIBLE (like our teen sons)!

    These are super suggestions and I’ve already pinned your post and will be sharing it with my followers. So glad I found your site through the #BloggersPitStop blog party. All the best. 🙂

  33. Jen

    Great gift guide! I especially like the gifts for people that are always cold. I know exactly who to get those for!

    • Thanks Jen! Out of all the categories, I think that one is the closest to me so I promise those are good ones haha

  34. These are great, especially the frame for multiple art projects. That’s ingenious!

  35. This is awesome!! I wish I had that kangaroo sweater last winter when my baby was new!

  36. Wow, this is a great list!

  37. These are great suggestions and I love your categories. I can’t believe we are thinking about gifts already but it is time!

  38. This is a brilliant list! The jokester stuff looks hilarious and would definitely go down well in our family, and I love the idea of the photo frame that people can change from afar! So sweet. #bigpinklink

  39. Wow, what brilliant ideas! I absolutely love the photo frame, what a fantastic idea, and I want the fox hood for me! Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

  40. I now a lot of people that are hard to shop for so unique gifts would be perfect for them! Thanks for the ideas!

  41. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. See you next week! Pinned and tweeted,

  42. Congratulations! Your post was my Most Clicked at #OverTheMoon this week. Visit me on Sunday evening and to see your feature! Don’t forget your badge. I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon.

  43. Wow – great post with so many ideas for everyone. You’ve really got me thinking now I’ve barely started!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  44. Great christmas gift list post! I love the way that you’ve approached it. Everyone has someone that seems impossible to buy for on their list so this is really useful, no wonder it was so popular last year 🙂 Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  45. Nige

    Some absolutely fantastic ideas here Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  46. Great ideas! I saw a pair of virtual reality glasses in a shop the other day and thought they looked good. Thanks for linking up to That Friday Linky

  47. Love the frame! And my 8 year old grandson would LOVE Exploding Kittens!

    • It’s a fun game! Just make sure if you do get it for him, you get the regular one and not the adult version! Both super fun tho 🙂

  48. Woweeee! That’s a lot of cool suggestions! Love the adult colouring books, they sound awesome 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

  49. Awesome list! Perfectly in time for the holiday season. Thanks for putting this together.

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