This week’s favorites are filled with tattoo inventions, New Netflix shows, my summer attitude - and it on a mug, and my latest wish list additions!

Friday Favorites Week 85

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Happy Friday, friends! As always, I appreciate you stopping by! This week’s favorites are filled with tattoo inventions, New Netflix shows, my summer attitude – and it on a mug, and my latest wish list additions!

If you’re new to My Urban Family, welcome! Each Friday I round up my favorites from the past week – videos, photos, stories, funny items, and products. Let’s dive in!

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I never cease to be amazed by the way the architecture of Chicago plays together.

Helpful Tattoos

I have wanted a tattoo for a long time but it keeps getting pushed off. I even posted about it a little less than a year ago in the post Are You Ready for Your First Tattoo? Am I? It is for sure on my bucket list for before 30 (which is coming up fast!) and I keep seeing amazing new tattoos everywhere. But these beat out everything. I love technology like this.

Movies, Music and Festivals Outdoors

Can I just say how happy I am that it is summer? I was made for this weather and sunshine. I’m trying to soak in as much of it as I can since it’s already mid-June. I know there is still a lot of summer left, but man is time moving fast!

If you’re in the Chicago area, make sure to check out my post Top Chicago Festivals for 2017 to make sure you are also visiting my favorites this summer! And even if you’re not in Chicago, I’d love to hear what you’re up to lately, especially what you’re doing to enjoy the great weather!

The Adventure Begins

This is the attitude I’ve been trying to keep all summer – look at the positives; start an adventure each and every day. So what better mug than to start the day off?

I will admit the logo on the other side of the mug isn’t my favorite though – it’s the name of the company, but that company name is Gentleman’s Hardware. Who wants to start up the female version of this?

Friends from College

I’ve watched this trailer three times now and each time it makes me laugh and feel bad about myself for laughing. It looks both awful and very entertaining. Warning, it is not safe for work or children though. Anyone else have an old friend group that this reminds them of?

Wish List

Items this week are all about being outside! I have been running out of sunblock at an alarming rate and need a few more items to make picnics outside more enjoyable.

Each week I find myself adding products to my Amazon wish list – it’s getting slightly out of hand. But it’s still fun so I decided to make it a part of my weekly post so you can also see what I have my eye on. If you have something fun you’ve found I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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This week’s favorites are filled with tattoo inventions, New Netflix shows, my summer attitude - and it on a mug, and my latest wish list additions! Week 85!Follow Me on:






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  1. Your photo of the structure in Millennium Park is amazing! Friends from College looks hilarious!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I am so happy that it’s summer too. Bring on the summer activities. I have never been to Chicago but I SOOO want to visit. It’s only like 6-7 hours away from the twin cities. I think.
    My amazon wish list is getting out of hand.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love Chicago! Seeing your photo makes me want to go back and visit 🙂 Great round up – and that movie looks so funny!

  4. I’m new around here, hello! Just have to share that I LOVE the mug and your blue nails.

    Glad I found your blog,


  5. Love that picture! I’m also very excited that it’s festival season. I’m hoping to make it to Summerfest again this year. I haven’t seen the preview for that show on Netflix, but it looks like a great case, so I’ll be sure to check it out.

  6. I am savoring these loooong days of summer as well. I always get a twinge of sadness on the solstice knowing the days are getting shorter.

  7. I JUST went through my Amazon wish list and tried to pare it down a bit. lol I think Friends from College sounds great and I really like the cast. I’ll be curious to finally check it out.

  8. Ok, I’ve also just watched the trailer for Friends in College and can’t wait to watch it. Thanks for the reminder (I had read about it but hadn’t seen this). Hope you have a great week.

  9. Hey Hun,
    Isn’t it crazy just how quickly the summer/June is going by? There’s still lots left but man, slow down a bit eh?
    I’ve got no headphones with me on the train this morning so I’ll have to come back to watch the tattoo video you shared. 🙂

    I hope you have a great week! I’m off on a 7-day paddling adventure that begins Friday morning. 🙂

  10. I too have added a bunch of products to my Amazon wish list. I cannot buy those all at once; however, I like purchasing one by one. By this, I also get to see price changes.

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