Happy Fri Favs! This week includes art, gardening, a wish list, green environment, and a great quote!

Friday Favorites Week 76

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Welcome to the weekend! I hope you have some fun plans ahead of you for the next couple of days. I have a to-do list a mile long with boring adult things to try to get through, but sometimes I need weekends like that. Oil change. Eye doctor appointment. Car emissions testing to name a few unfun things. I’m hoping I can knock out the whole list so I can fill the rest of my weekends this month with friends and fun. But before that, it’s time for Friday Favorites!

If you’re new to My Urban Family, welcome! Each Friday I round up my favorites from the past week – videos, photos, stories, funny items, and products. Let’s dive in!

Instagram Photo

I’ve been really wanting to get back into making handmade art recently. I took a printmaking class with one of my besties (more on her wonderful work below) in the fall and while I haven’t had time to take another class, I’ve made it a goal this month to make more art.

Starting a Canvas Bag Collection

More and more stores in Chicago are no longer giving out plastic bags – and I love the idea of being more environmentally friendly. I’ve been trying to use canvas bags for awhile now in replacement of plastic, but I will admit that I really haven’t tried 100% until recently.

To help me remember, and make it a bit more fun, I’ve started getting a few more fun canvas bags instead of cheaper, free ones I’ve been given at various festivals and the like. This owl canvas bag is my most recent find and it’s super cheap!

Fleet Farming

This is a few months old, but with the warm weather around the corner (it IS, right? Warmth after Chicago’s snow this weekend…) I thought it would be a great time to share this. I have very minimal green space currently, but if I had the option of this at my last home I would have been all over it!

Endless Laundry

I swear it cannot be just my husband and I with the amount of laundry I do… I’m terrified of what happens when you add a kid to the mix ha

Also, I grabbed this image from Moms Got Ink. I just discovered her and I love her facebook page!

There are tons of great quotes, tattoo images, and other fun products.


My Wish List of the Week

Each week I’ve added my favorite Instagram photo but I’m going to start making this section a weekly addition as well. I realized I had a wishlist on Amazon that was growing, full of fun items that I may someday pick up for myself or a gift for someone else. And if I’m adding items to it each week, why not share my fun finds?

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  1. Love that print that you did–you should sell them on Etsy! I would love some things like that for decorating the nursery. I have a balcony at our new place and I’m looking forward to getting a small herb box because I haven’t had an outdoor space before!

    • Aww, thanks! Each week I swear I’m going to set aside time to do more art and I just never seem to get to it. It would be fun to have an etsy store though! And I have an herb box too – just waiting for it to warm up!

  2. So. Many. Dirty. Clothes. I have posted a meme that says that exact same thing before. I get it. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. More art = more happy!
    I love the laundry meme! it’s so true. I’m also convinced that my husband’s socks breed. He wears 1 pair a day, but somehow I wash 83 pairs a week.

    • Yes! More art does = more happy! Just need to force myself to make time! And I laughed at your 83 pairs of socks thing. I was JUST saying this to my husband! How do they do it? haha

  4. That print brings back memories of high school art class! Happy weekend!

  5. Ugh… the laundry. It never ends, right? Love that picture you shared on instagram! And how fun–to take a printmaking class! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Here in Malaysia, a lot of stores don’t give out plastic bags–it’s definitely helpful for motivating us to bring out own! Although sometimes I forget and then end up carrying an armload of small items to my car. haha!

    • I’m happy to hear that – and I’ve done the same thing! Or I have my coat pockets full of random stuff haha

  7. I’m really liking the canvas bag trend – looks way better than lugging around plastic bags as well haha 😉

  8. Hey girl!
    How’ve you been?! Enjoy your weekend I hope, even though you had terribly fun adult errands to run? 🙂
    I’m going to head over and like Moms Got Ink. She’s got some funny memes and I’m totally with you on the laundry. How in the heck does it accumulate SO much and so quickly?! I’m currently doing laundry waiting for my hubby to get home from up north. Lots of fun going on over here. Lol

    Cheers to a great week hun!

    • It was still a pretty decent weekend – though I will admit I decided it was too many things and skipped the eye doctor. So here I am on my last set of contacts and no appointment set… maybe next weekend? lol Hope this weekend is great for you!

  9. AA

    LOL that laundry meme! That is so me right now AND I live alone.

    • Hahaha. It gets worse when you add someone to the mix 😉 I seriously am at a lose as to how my friends who are parents do it!

  10. I took a long time and I still couldn’t load your first photo.
    I love your bag ^^ I’m looking for some canvas bag also. Do you know any brand with good quality and also good price?

  11. Silvia

    Ugh yes girl I have so much laundry! It’s so painful to do especially the hanging up the clothes part.

    • Yes! I try to hang dry some stuff to be a little greener – and to not shrink all my clothes haha

  12. I love the print you made! Laundry seems to be never ending in our house too. I try to bring a few canvas bags with me whenever I go out so I if I stop I won’t have to bring home more plastic.

    Doused In Pink

  13. I do not like laundry, but I cannot refuse it :). The post is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  14. That laundry meme is hilarious, I’m checking out Moms Got Ink. Totally love your art. Hope you’ll achieve your goal of making more of them.

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