Friday Favorites Week 6

Here is week six of Friday Favorites! This week flew by, but I still feel like I could go for another three day weekend 🙂 Hope everyone has a great normal weekend anyway! Now, onto the favorites!

Favorite Chicago Photo

A photo posted by Kyle (@sirkghendricks) on

I came across this photo on Instagram and immediately loved it. I would never be able to take a photo from a perspective like that.

News Article

A couple days ago I wrote about my Fitbit, and how I hate leaving home without it. Well that post was inspired by an article I read in The Independent by David Sedaris. If you’ve never heard of David Sedaris before, you are missing out. He is one of my all time favorite writers. He is hysterical and writes with a rhythm that is unparalleled to anyone. But anyway, this article is about his growing obsession with his Fitbit and just how far into insanity it takes him. It’s worth the read, I promise.

Journal Menu

Journal-My-Urban_FamilyOn Wednesday I found out that I won a custom journal from Journal Menu in a giveaway hosted by Kelly at Running Kellometers. It was super fun to be able to create this custom journal, with the interior designed for project management. I’m looking forward to seeing the physical copy!

Upcoming Chicagoland Event

Festival of the Vine starts up today in Geneva. Food, wine samples, and full glasses of wine will be available for purchase. This is one of my favorite suburban festivals. Geneva is a quaint little town, with streets of fun shops, and when wine and nice weather is added in, it’s perfect. You can find out more about the festival here.

Personal Activity


The hubby surprised me with a couple of adult coloring books and new, fancy colored pencils – so I’ve been coloring! I must say, these adult coloring books are amazing. It is so fun to sit down for 15 minutes, and a wonderful stress relief. The two he got were Fantastic Citiesand Doodle Invasion.  And I was impressed that he picked out Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. They’re wonderful for blending.


Home Update

Fri-Favs-6-Pinterest-MyUrbanFamilyThis week we had a showing on Wednesday – the kind where they asked if they could come see the house but were practically already outside. I’ve never cleaned up faster in my life. Then today we had another showing. No real news from either, yet.


Has anyone else been coloring lately? What are your fun weekend plans? Let me know!

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  1. Gasp! That pic is gorgeous but NO! I’d not be standing there! I love Geneva! Haven’t been there in awhile though. When we sold our last place, sometimes they’d come show it with no notice. IT was SO annoying but we didn’t want to turn them away either. Busy weekend for us: kids’ sleepover tonight, very long run tomorrow (22) then dinner with friends tomorrow. Happy Friday!

    • That is annoying! We at least had a little bit of notice – but you’re right, I wouldn’t want to turn anyone away. Have fun with all of your activities!

  2. That photo of Chicago is really cool. I don’t think I’d ever be able to take one like it either! I love coloring so much. Anytime I get new colors it makes my whole day!

    • It’s so fun, isn’t it? I have the 36 set of pencils but I went online to see how much 100 box would be haha. I think I’ll stick with blending for now.

  3. I’m dying to get a coloring book! They’re so cool. Have a great weekend!!

    • They’re so fun too! They’re actually not priced too badly. It’s the colored pencils that are a little bit more – though Crayola is always a favorite too! Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  4. That picture on the skydeck is amazing!!! I’ve heard a lot about the adult coloring books that are all the rage these days. They look like a ton of fun and a great way to relax!

  5. I don’t have a fitbit but a garmin 15 that counts steps & has GPS for running. I love it! I’m not wearing it right now while I recover but I would never leave the house without it before. I loved my 30,000 step days. I probably won’t see that for awhile.

    I bought an adult coloring book when I was pregnant and I love it!

  6. Wow that photo is just stunning!! I know that adult coloring books are so popular right now but I JUST saw them in hobby lobby today… I didn’t pick one up but maybe I should 🙂 I normally just steal my nieces and nephews when they’re around. The festival of the vine sounds so fun! If I wasn’t 3 hours away I’d totally go! 🙂

    • I keep seeing them everywhere too, but I think Amazon is the cheapest I’ve seen them. I saw one for $18 yesterday which seemed insane to me! I haven’t been in Hobby Lobby recently though. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  7. So many fun things! Love that Chicago pic and your notebook looks great. Can’t beat that Chicago skyline! And adult coloring books sounds so relaxing!

  8. I have adult coloring books too. They say they are more relaxing than meditation?? I love coloring. I have no weekend plans other than baking and relaxing. Hope you have a great weekend.

    • I would believe it that they’re more relaxing than meditation! Especially when I sit down with a cup of tea, and some music on low. 🙂

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