Happy Friday again! Here is week 26 of Friday Favorites! The best videos, photos, products, and stories from the week.

Friday Favorites Week 26

Happy Friday, again! I’m so happy the weekend is finally here – though my work to-do list for today is about a mile long, the end is in sight!

If you’re new to My Urban Family – welcome! Each Friday I round up my favorites from the past week – videos, photos, stories, products – anything really as well as updates from my life. Let’s dive in!

Photo of Chicago

A photo posted by Chicago (@art.of.chi) on

With the bitter cold lately I haven’t have much time to get to the city but I’ve been missing it dearly. I’m hoping spring does come soon so I can venture back out even if we’re still in the ‘burbs and explore more. For now, I’ll soak in the beauty through shots like this on Instagram.


TargetI am in dire need of a wardrobe update – and while I may not be going completely crazy and throwing everything out (how fun would that be though, honestly?), I am planning on picking up some new staples soon.

Luckily I found out about a Target offer that is starting on Sunday – Free $20 Gift Card when you spend $75 on Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Online.

And I’ve been eyeing this dress for awhile…

Late Night

I’m pretty sure that each week I have at least one video from one of the late night shows to share. This week this one cracked me up the most. Trump in a Fuller House.


I wouldn’t recommend bringing your kids to this, but if you’re looking for a date night, go see the movie Deadpool! Lately my husband and I have been trying to know just tiny bits about movies before seeing them – without the expectations or spoilers the movies have seemed extra entertaining recently. So I won’t say too much – just go see it! Also, Ryan Reynolds.

Life Update

3d7cb075d372c68ad11700626de7544dI want to send a huge thank you to everyone who reached out after my post on Wednesday (Being Diagnosed with PCOS)! It really meant a lot – between the comments, texts, and messages from friends, internet friends, and strangers I’ve felt extra loved.

I’ve slowly been going through and responding so if you haven’t heard back yet, please know that I appreciated the message and will get back to you soon!

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Happy Friday again! Here is week 26 of Friday Favorites! The best videos, photos, products, and stories from the week.Follow Me on:







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  1. The Donald in a Fuller House is hilarious! Happy WARM!!! Friday!

  2. Ugh, I’m itchiinnggg for a new wardrobe SO BAD. I’ve been in either maternity or cheap chubbier clothes for 2.5 years (oh man..) and I just want to wear normal cute clothes again.

    • All of my clothes are so old but I’ve been trying to limit some of my new buys – I keep hearing I’ll never be the same again if I do get pregnant so might as well not spend the money ha but it’s so tempting!

  3. kim

    I have been thinking about updating my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing! I will be using that coupon.

  4. I really *need* to go see Deadpool! I haven’t managed to get to the cinema for months – my ‘get the DVD’ list is way out of control. 🙂 #fridayfrivolity

    • It is so good! I hadn’t been to the movies in so long and then the past few months we’ve went a couple times – I forgot how fun it is! But DVDs at home snuggling on the couch are so fun as well.

  5. I just found your blog via the link-up and I’ll be following you now on the blog and social media. i’ve never been to Chicago and it’s on my list of places to visit. I’d like to come attend a taping of the Steve Harvey Show while I’m at it too.
    I hope you’ll stop by and check me out too.
    My blog is Runwright but I write about lots of things, not just running at all 🙂

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I’ll check you out now! I haven’t been to the Steve Harvey taping but I’ve seen him out and about before!

  6. I always love your Friday Favorites, such an eclectic mix. Hope all is going well health wise. Thanks for partying with us on the #FridayFrivolity party. I hope you will join us again next week.

  7. Hey girl,
    My hubby and I went to see Deadpool last weekend and I really liked it! I had actually forgotten his character in that Wolverine movie.
    Another beautiful shot of Chicago. That’s gotta be taken by helicopter I’m guessing…
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun! Xo

  8. OMG that clip of fuller house is hilarious!! I’m so excited for it to come out this Friday on Netflix!!

  9. We are hopefully going to go watch Deadpool tonight..
    that Fuller House video was hilarious.

  10. You have the best Friday Favorites! Love that Donald Full House Video and that photo of Chicago is breathtaking! Deadpool is on my list to see!

    Doused In Pink

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