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Friday Favorites Week 15

It’s hard to believe it’s already my 15th week writing up Friday Favorites posts! I have to admit, while I really enjoy writing my other posts each week, these have a special place on my to-do list. I save links and make notes and really look forward to putting these together each week. I hope you enjoy reading them just as much!

I’m also excited to announce that today I’m guest co-hosting the Friday Frivolity Link-up! It is a fun weekly link-up of funny, encouraging posts and free printables and giveaways – anything really to start the weekend off with a smile. Make sure to check it out (and if you’re a blogger, link-up your own posts below)!

Photo of Chicago

A photo posted by Joey Giametta (@joeygiametta) on

I figured it was about time to feature another photographer on the blog! Joey is a fellow Art of Chi member, and I love his photographs!

No ‘Snowpocalypse’ This Winter

no snowpocalypse www.myurbanfamily.comI realize I may be in the minority on this, but I could not be happier when I heard that we will be having a warm winter. The past two years have been COLD and covered in about a million feet of snow. I always joked that I really wanted to sell the house before winter hit solely based on the reasoning that I didn’t want to have to shovel anymore. Now that we know we will be here for the winter, I’m admitting that wasn’t much of a joke.

Sweater Weather

sweater www.myurbanfamily.comSpeaking of cold, even if we don’t have snow, I’m pretty much ready to live in thick sweaters for the next 6+ months. Some of my old sweaters have shrunk or gotten kind of worn looking so I’m thinking about donating them and picking up a few new ones (as well as that poncho I mentioned a few weeks back).

Luckily Target is having a sale today only and every sweater is 40% off right now! I’ve also been eyeing this one for awhile, because it’s basically a stylish blanket with sleeves and pockets… And how can you beat 40% off at the start of the season?

A Portrait Session with a Twist

I saw this video a few days ago and have been saving it for this post. I love how it shows how our perceptions change about each other based on information we have.


I decided making ramen at home is one of my favorite meals when it’s chilly out. I use the cheap maruchan ramen noodle packs, but throw away the seasoning and instead season it myself, as well as add in any veggies I have at home. Last night’s ramen consisted of spinach, peas, green onions, green peppers, an egg, chia seeds, sriracha and some mrs. dash. I realize now I should have taken a photo for you, but I ate it too fast to do so.

Red Starbucks Cups

At 12:15 on Wednesday morning I sat down to schedule a post and decided to write up a quick thing about my views on the Starbucks cups. It was sarcastic and not serious at all, but definitely had my voice behind it, or as Christina put it in the comments, “this has Alex written all over it”. It was really fun to write and I wasn’t sure if anyone else would find it funny. But it seemed to be a hit! If you missed it, make sure to check it out!

Friday Frivolity Link-Up

Friday Frivolity Host Sarah Eliza from Devastate Boredom Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Google +//Bloglovin’

I’m so excited to be able to guest co-host this link-up! Sarah from Devastate Boredom is hilarious and I always look forward to her posts! They are the perfect blend of informative but not too serious, always have me smiling.

She is on a mission to Devastate Boredom by living a life full of all her favorite things… friendship and connection, laughter, furbaby love, books and media, wellness pursuits, minimalism, traveling, Paleo-ish cooking, and more! Make sure to check her blog out and let her know you visited!

Drum roll for our feature, chosen via the number of readers’ clicks!

Our feature this week is from Women Abiding, an encouraging post entitled 4 Unusual Things I Do With My Children. The author encourages readers to value the small, unique habits and traditions that fill your family with “everyday sparkles.”  Check it out if you didn’t last week!

Time for the new stuff!

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Each week I post on Fridays about my favorites from the previous few days. Generally a mix of videos, photos, products, and stories! Check out week 15.What is one of your favorite things from this past week?

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  1. I love that stairwell picture.
    And I am all the way with you on that weather prediction.
    Of course, that means less ramen and sweaters but it is all good.

  2. I feel the same way about Friday Favorites! One of my favorite posts to put together. Thanks for the heads up about the Target sale!! I love me some Target (and some sweaters)

  3. I am so thankful to have a “warm” winter. I live in northern Wisconsin, at the tip of Lake Superior and I have a 6 month old baby. I have zero interest in lugging massive amounts of snow gear on top of having to shovel my way out of parking lots this year. No thanks!

  4. Bri

    Ohh, great idea with the ramen, never tried that!

  5. This fantastic. The lab decoy I liked but I also thought that the subject may have had a lot to do with what the pictures turned out like. Also the Starbucks cups, hilarious! What ridiculousness!!!

  6. I love that picture of Chicago, and I did enter the Linky, going now to read more about it. Thanks Joe @ http://www.mydaddoes.com

  7. So excited to have you cohosting today! 🙂

    Love the video, so intriguing. I would have been interested in having them set it up as, “he’s a convict / psychic / fisherman / etc but doesn’t want to talk about that part of his life… feel free to ask him other questions about himself” and seen how that influenced it… Because it sounded like at least some of them tried to find out “who he was” beyond that one word, but he was building on the story with more fabrications so it wasn’t entirely fair. Still a fascinating point about what’s behind the lens shaping what’s in front of it!

    NOT happy about that weather forecast, LOL…. a wet winter is not a fun winter with a year old puppy, sigh. Glad it means less shoveling for you though!

    • Thank you so much for having me! It was super fun and I still have a few more links to explore.

      I agree with you on the photography thing – he shouldn’t have said much to any of them. And you’re the first person I know that is unhappy about the warm weather lol.

  8. I am with you on wanting a warm winter!!! I live in Northwest Indiana and I’m officially done with all of the snow we’ve had the last few years.

  9. It’s definitely sweater weather here, now, too. (I’m in Canada). It’s really gotten quite chilly over the last couple of days, and windy as heck.
    I love that shot of the staircase. Great eye and perspective.

    Thanks for linking up with Krysten and I hun and great to meet you. 🙂


    • Thanks for having me! I’ve been reading for awhile but just decided to link up 🙂 Generally I’m a day or two behind and get to the link-ups too late.

  10. Love your sweater weather post. Sweaters are so warm and comforting, especially this time of year. I too will be living in sweaters and also some cute ponchos!

  11. I love the big sweater/ponchos this year too!

  12. What a fun post! I love linky parties too. Thanks for hosting one!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I had to laugh too – I found your comment in my spam folder, but it originally had “linky” starting with a k… haha

  13. I’m reading the 4 Unusual Things post next. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am like you and truly love putting Friday posts together. I’m also like you and pray for a nice winter (would love to have no snow). Have a great weekend.

  15. Your Starbucks post was very funny. 🙂 I am very, very happy to hear we will be having a warmer winter. Looks like a great link-up!

    • Thanks 🙂 And I am LOVING this Fall weather so far – hoping to say the same about winter with that prediction!

  16. DT

    Love that picture of stairs 🙂 Happy weekend!
    — DT | Here I Scribble

  17. God bless all Chicagoans and their perseverance through winter. (I.e., like 9 months of the year.) Seriously though, congrats about the warm winter. Maybe congrats in the wrong word to use here, but seriously… I really do feel like you all deserve it.

    • Haha it is definitely deserved after the mass amounts of cold and snow the past two years. If this prediction ends up being wrong I may change my mind on how much I love Chicago 😛

  18. great staircase picture.
    yay for no snow.. i am loving the mild winter of this year

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