Friday Favorites 86

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Happy Friday, friends! I’m back! This week I give a life update about where I’ve been and many other favorites I’ve been saving to share with you!

If you’re new to My Urban Family, welcome! Each Friday I round up my favorites from the past week – videos, photos, stories, funny items, and products. Let’s dive in!

Life Update

So I certainly didn’t mean to take a semi blog hiatus this summer but I will admit that it’s probably a good thing that I did. However, I’m happy to announce that I should have enough time to get back into the swing of things this fall, and that includes blogging again! I’ve missed my lovely readers and this space and look forward to interacting again!

So what have I been up to? Well mainly working and teaching tennis honestly. But also just taking time for soaking up the sun, getting my health back on track (a positive PCOS update coming soon!), reconnecting with family and friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and spending some down time figuring out just how I want to finish off my 20’s. 30 is approaching fast!

I’ll have some more posts soon that go into further details of those different areas, but to ease back in today I thought I’d start with a classic: Friday Favorites!

Toys – All of the Toys!

This year I will be attending the USA’s largest toy and game fair at Navy Pier on November 18th and 19th and I can’t wait. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a preview night where I was able to meet amazing inventors and test out some of their products that will be showcased at the event. I have tickets to give away to lucky readers next week (and a discount code for you to attend if you don’t win) and more in depth details about why this is a must see if you have kids or are a kid at heart! So make sure if you’re in the Chicago area to stop back and enter!

Instagram Photo

There is something about the weather turning cooler that makes me want to eat all of the baked goods. If you live near Chicago and haven’t had Doughnut Vault, get your butt up early one day and get over there. They are SOOOO good. But they sell out fast. And a tip: the main location is TINY – I mean only about 2 people fit inside at once and that isn’t a joke. Make sure you’re paying attention when you start your doughnut hunt or you might miss it.

The Return of Takeshi’s Castle!

If you don’t know what Takeshi’s Castle is, don’t judge me too hard. It’s a very stupid show but oh so entertaining. The video pretty much explains it all.


If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I love taking photos. But the downside of this seems to be there are NO photos of me that I like. So when I saw this image I burst out laughing. Too real.

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

I know the season of pumpkin spice is coming to an end but I’m obsessed with these limited edition pop tarts. They’re so good – and I may have stocked up on a few boxes before Christmas so that they will last me a little bit. If you still see them in the store still, grab a box!

Wish List

Items this week are mostly about winter coming. I don’t know how this cold weather snuck up on me, but it did and now I’m all about warmth!

Each week I find myself adding products to my Amazon wish list – it’s getting slightly out of hand. But it’s still fun so I decided to make it a part of my weekly post so you can also see what I have my eye on. If you have something fun you’ve found I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Alexandra! So lovely to see you and nice to read an update about your life and what you’ve been up to. I have to admit, I checked a few times this summer and saw you were quiet over here, but saw you were still active on IG, so I knew everything was good, you were likely just taking a breather. Sometimes it is very much needed.

    That Donut shop looks SOOOO good. Probably good I don’t have one close to me or I’d be in trouble. LOL.

    The meme about candid photos is SPOT ON! LOL!!

    I look forward to reading more and catching up with you now that you’re back. Take care of yourself hun. xoxox

    • Aww, thanks for checking in on me! I meant to just take a week or two… and then it turned into the summer ha And that donut shop is luckily a bit of a walk/drive in traffic otherwise I would have gained a new ass just made of donuts haha

  2. I take blogging hiatuses often for health reasons. I love the pile of games as I LOVE games. I wish I had the money to travel to Chicago for the fair, so lucky!

  3. I just returned from a hiatus earlier this week! So glad to have you back, it looks like you have a LOT of things planned this season!

  4. I love me some donuts!! And I love the Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves them! Happy weekend!

  5. That toy expo sounds like such fun. I hope you have a blast! And mmm…donuts. Yes, so much yes. People keep bringing them into work though and that’s a no because I’m really NOT supposed to eat them. hah


    • Thanks! I’ll be sure to post after! And I remember those days when I worked in an office. Luckily there were so many of us they didn’t last long so it was less tempting ha

  6. wow those donuts look incredible! welcome back to blogging!

  7. What a fun toy haul, and those doughnuts look so good!

  8. Oh it’s so lovely to see you back again—you’ve been missed!! Also I totally lol’d at the pictures you took of your bf vs what he took of you. Hilarious and so accurate 🙂

    Those pop tarts sound amazing. I was just saying I want to make a pumpkin pie tomorrow…but now I want pumpkin pop tarts mmm… also donuts 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend and welcome back to blogging!!

  9. Welcome back to the blogging world! That donut place is going on my list of things to do the next time we are in Chicago! Have fun at the game convention.

  10. Welcome back! Glad you see you’ve returned .:)

  11. Wow, you’re teaching tennis?! That’s so cool! I was never able to play it properly, I’d wish I could start playing better tennis.

    A hiatus is always welcomed and people understand, don’t worry.

  12. Chelsea

    Those doughnuts look AMAZING!!!

  13. So great to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed your summer. With my youngest now being 12, we’re sort of at the end of the line toy-wise yet we are in need of fun games “older” kids can enjoy when she brings friends over. OMG I so feel you on the dearth of pics of yourself. My hubby is the WORST photographer ever. The finish line shot he took of “me” at my first marathon is literally the back of some guy in khaki shorts.

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