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Part two in my series of guest posts about "five things I love about my home state". Learn about Texas from my guest Molly!

5 Things I Love About Texas – a Guest Post

A couple of months ago I posted about the Top 5 Things I Love About Illinois. It was a fun post to write and I got great feedback from everyone so I thought it would be fun to have guest posts and see if I can eventually “travel the country” through my other writing friends. So today is the first installment!

Introducing Molly and her 5 things she loves about Texas! 

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I visited Starved Rock and it was the perfect fall day. Out of hundreds of photos, here are my top 10 favorites! Starved Rock is such a beautiful location!

Photo Tour of Starved Rock State Park

I mentioned on Friday’s Favorite post that I spent an afternoon at Starved Rock last week. It was the perfect fall day, with gorgeous colors in the leaves. Because everything was so beautiful, and because we took over 200 photos, I want to share my highlights with you! Don’t worry, there isn’t even close to 200; just my top 10.

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Midwest Road Trip: Michigan on Our Way to Canada

As the title suggests, we did road trip through Michigan, but we were on our way to Canada. Nevertheless, we spent a good amount of time in Michigan and saw some fun sights along the way. The next two road trip posts will be about our destinations: Niagara Falls and Toronto. But first, Michigan:

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Illinois is such a great state, from Chicago to state parks and everything in between. Here are my top 5 things I love about Illinois.

Top 5 Things I Love About Illinois

Today is the second day of a new link-up with Say Yes to Happy – the first weekday of each month has a theme and today’s theme is our favorite thing about our home state. But I couldn’t just pick one. So here is a list of the top five things I love about Illinois.

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Midwest Road Trip to St. Paul - check out my suggested locations to visit!

Midwest Road Trip: St. Paul, MN

Driving time from Chicago: 6 hrs
About a month ago I wrote about my road trip to Minneapolis and mentioned that we also made a stop in St. Paul. While we did spend the majority of our trip in Minneapolis, St. Paul was a really wonderful addition to the trip. Here are our highlights and suggestions below:

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