Part two in my series of guest posts about "five things I love about my home state". Learn about Texas from my guest Molly!

5 Things I Love About Texas – a Guest Post

A couple of months ago I posted about the Top 5 Things I Love About Illinois. It was a fun post to write and I got great feedback from everyone so I thought it would be fun to have guest posts and see if I can eventually “travel the country” through my other writing friends. So today is the first installment!

Introducing Molly and her 5 things she loves about Texas! 

Hello everyone! My name is Molly, i’m 21 years old, I live in Texas, and I blog about the different colors of my life over at Colors of Life blog. It’s a random assortment of my family, friends, my faith, food, occasionally some fashion, working out, work, a coffee obsession, and whatever else I can talk your ear off about.

Anyways, Alexandra and I have been e-mailing back and forth for a little while and she asked me to guest blog (thanks again!!). I said yes of course, because would I really turn down a guest blogger request??? Nope! And the topic was… 5 things you love about your home state. So here we are:

Oh Texas, my Texas! All hail the mighty state!

Listen…just be thankful this is the blog world and you didn’t have to actually hear me sing that.

Oh Texas, my Texas! So wonderful so great!

Okay, i’m done singing now.

1. Everything is bigger in Texas.

Hello Dallas!!

I mean, you had to know that was coming right? But it’s true… especially in my area. Bigger stores, bigger hair, bigger buildings, bigger everything. Which means a lot of people!

I think Texas being bigger is good and bad. Bad because there’s so many people in the DFW area that it’s almost impossible to get anywhere. Literally… what should take 3 minutes can take 20 minutes. But good because there are a lot of jobs and you don’t have to drive very far for anything. Even if it does take longer.

2. Texas has very warm weather.

Honestly, i’m so much more of a cold weather loving gal. Give me all the fall and give me (part of) the winter. However… I do love that May to September is warm. Like one year we had triple digits for I don’t know how many days in a row. It means lots of swimming, laying out, and pool fun. It’s actually turned me sensitive to cold. We were running errands the other day in 50 degree weather and I was FUHREEZING. Some of your Northerners just wouldn’t understand 😉

3. Texas has a lot of unique things to do…

From the Texas Rangers, to the Texas Legends, to the Cowboys, to the Mavericks, to the Stars, we’ve got sports out the wazoo. It’s totally up my alley…I would so much rather be at a sporting event than just about anywhere else. There’s a lot of exploring to do for hiking purposes and outdoor activities. There’s Oktoberfest, there’s Top Golf, there’s huge Christmas trees in shopping centers. And there’s fun restaurants where you can roast s’mores at the table. You name it, I’m sure we’ve got it! It definitely makes night life fun around here.

4, Texas has BOMB tex-mex!


If you don’t like Tex-Mex you may not come to my state. No but seriously…every year when my uncle comes for Christmas he asks for Tex-Mex!! I mean, my mouth is watering now just thinking about chips and salsa, plus queso (if I could have it) and margaritas, and everything. It’s to die for and if it was the equivalent of broccoli health wise I would have it for every meal. Ever. Meal. Even breakfast

5. Texas is home.


We moved to Texas when I was in Kindergarten. While I still remember Virginia and what it was like there…Texas is home. It’s my childhood. All of my memories are here, good and bad. One day I probably won’t live in this state anymore but i’ll think about it again and when I do i’ll think “Home”.

If you plan to visit Texas let me know! I can help you plan your trip to Dallas. Even the Houston area too! So thanks again, Alexandra!! Please come say hi to me over on my blog today. I hope you all have the best week. We are SO CLOSE to Christmas!

A big thanks to Molly for the post! I’ve never been to Texas but I’m thinking I would fit right in with the warm weather and Tex-mex food. Make sure you swing by the Colors of Life blog and check out more of her writing!

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Part two in my series of guest posts about "five things I love about my home state". Learn about Texas from my guest Molly!Follow Me on:







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  1. Woohoo! This is going to be a great series and i’m so thankful you chose to feature me first 🙂 Have a happy 2016, Alexandra!! Thanks for reading my blog and being so supportive!

    • Hi Molly – thank you so so much for being my first for the series!! I love your post and hope you have a great 2016 as well!

  2. Reading interesting travel blogs makes my day successful, I’m a traveler and I just love reading travel blogs. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the good work.

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