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Each week I use Friday to post my Friday Favorites. This week includes ponchos, photography, apples, a funny video, and a house update. Oh, and my birthday!

Friday Favorites Week 13

Happy almost weekend! I’m so excited for this weekend – obviously because Halloween is Saturday. But also because Sunday is my birthday and it’s 25 hours long this year! Woo! Don’t forget to adjust your clocks this weekend and enjoy an extra hour.

And to hold you over until the weekend begins, check out my Friday favorites.

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Photographing newborns can be tricky. I share with you my tips and tricks from my job as a newborn photographer in local hospitals.

What I Learned From My Job as a Newborn Photographer

I have had a “real” job ever since I was 15. And lots of babysitting before that. In many ways I have been very lucky with the work experience I’ve had so far. During college I was somehow able to charm my way into a newborn photographer position at two local hospitals. It was such an amazing job, and I learned a lot along the way.

In the past couple of years I’ve had more and more friends decide to start a family. And with that, I’ve seen so many more baby photos (and I love it!). With holiday cards coming up, it has had me thinking about everything I learned during my photography job and I wanted to share some of the details with you!

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Talking to your friends and family about being self employed is not always easy. But over the years I have it down to a science. Read my tips.

How to Talk to Family About Being Self Employed

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a good time to start preparing for holiday chit chat. Answering the endless questions of what you’ve been up to this year; what your plans on for next year. How is work/school? On repeat.

So if you’re like me, and are self employed, answering those questions can sometimes be difficult, especially to more distant or older relatives. But over the years I’ve learned how to tactfully talk to family about being self employed in a way that helps everyone understand exactly what it is I do all day. And no, it’s not all Netflix and sitting on the couch… well not always.

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The Best Instagram accounts - 2 of my favorites in each of the following categories: Nature, Happiness, Humor, Chicago, Travel, Animals, and Miscellaneous.

The Best Instagram Accounts by Category

A couple months ago I basically knew nothing about Instagram. And after a few suggestions, I finally decided to join. Now I love it! Recently I’ve been exploring what accounts I want to follow and have come across so many great ones (and some not so great ones…).

Here is my round-up of the best Instagram accounts – two of my favorites in each of the following categories: Nature, Happiness, Humor, Chicago, Travel, Animals, and Miscellaneous. Also, you can follow my Instagram account HERE.

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I visited Starved Rock and it was the perfect fall day. Out of hundreds of photos, here are my top 10 favorites! Starved Rock is such a beautiful location!

Photo Tour of Starved Rock State Park

I mentioned on Friday’s Favorite post that I spent an afternoon at Starved Rock last week. It was the perfect fall day, with gorgeous colors in the leaves. Because everything was so beautiful, and because we took over 200 photos, I want to share my highlights with you! Don’t worry, there isn’t even close to 200; just my top 10.

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