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Restaurant Review: Slurping Turtle

UNz6hrkYFirst off, what is not to love about that name and logo? As I mentioned in Friday’s post, today I’m writing an unsolicited restaurant review of the casual Japanese comfort food spot, Slurping Turtle located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. (And don’t worry, if you’re not interested in reading about a Chicago restaurant, tomorrow I will be participating in a new link-up with Say Yes to Happy so check back for that).

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Friday Favorites – Week 4

I swear time is flying by recently. Didn’t I just write last week’s Friday Favorites a day or two ago? At least that is what it feels like! Anyway, here are this week’s favorites!

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How to Build a Mini Kid’s Library for Cheap

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my husband and I are currently trying to move, and downsize at that. So we’ve been really trying to cut back on buying tangible things that we don’t need. But a fun habit we’ve been getting into is hitting up some of the local thrift stores every so often and grabbing a few kids books that catch our eye to build our home library.

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Midwest Road Trip: Minneapolis

Driving time from Chicago: 6 hrs
Earlier this year we decided to take a long weekend in Minneapolis and St. Paul. My St. Paul post can be found here. It was another really fun, price-conscious road trip that we planned fairly last minute. Here are the highlights from our trip that I would recommend:

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Friday Favorites – Week 3

Another week gone by and another Friday Favorites post! Today also marks exactly one month of blogging! I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by or how wonderful and supportive everyone has been. I really appreciate it! Now, onto this week’s favorites –

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