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New Comfy Converse Design

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a mom yet – but I’m pretty sure I already share many mom attributes. And having no patience or time for uncomfortable shoes is one of them, especially as I explore the city.

I have always been a huge fan of Converse shoes – and I mean huge. I even wore them on my wedding day, as did the rest of my wedding party and family members. But, being a self-diagnosed old lady in my 20s, they quickly became hard on my feet and knees. After a knee injury last year, I’ve pretty much retired my favorite pair.

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Top 5 Things to Not Overlook When Buying a Home

While we have not had too much activity on our house yet (sending positive thoughts our way is always appreciated!) we have decided to go look at a few places this weekend. We’re super excited to start our hunt and will be sure to report back after. But before we head out, we’ve talked about our musts, likes, and dislikes for a new home. Below are the top five things to we don’t want to overlook when buying a home – and feel they are important items for everyone.

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Review: Newberry Library Book Fair

I stopped in at the Newberry Library book fair this past weekend and I have to say I have sort of mixed reviews. The library itself is beautiful and I hope to be able to explore it further in the future. It is an independent research library, specializing in the humanities – with a vast collection of genealogical and local history books. Since 1887 it has been free and open to the public, which is rather impressive.

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Too Young to Make a Will?

With all the talk of moving and decluttering, and what our priorities are in life, we decided it would probably be a smart time to each make a will. Not the most fun topic of all times, but something every adult really should have. Which seems strange to type out – I used to think that “when I grew up” I would feel like an adult and have all the answers – HA! Now I’m learning that being an adult is all kind of trial and error with some educated guessing mixed in. And making a will seemed like something a REAL adult should be doing, not me.

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Park Review: Maggie Daley

During our search for our new home, my husband and I are determined to see as many parks as we can in Chicago. And with there being over 580 public parks… well we have a long way to go. I plan on seeking out small neighborhood parks as well, but for my first review I thought I’d start with a major one.

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